21 February 2011

"Come with me to the renaissance faire..."

From the song 'Renaissance Faire' by Blackmore's night ^^

I set up my booth today at the fairgrounds and I wanted to let everyone who saw me there last year know that I'm in a new location. Right when you walk in the entrance, go left and I'm right past the kettle corn booth.

That's right. I got a spot on the perimeter. (that's good for traffic flow for those who aren't in the know about festival protocol)

I will also have my Leliana armour on display to see what the interest might be in making Lady Armour, since there's not too many artisans who do that. Everyone makes armour for men, and I think "why should they get to have all the fun?"

Anyway, I'm going to be super busy stocking up this week, but I want to post some pictures of some of the new things I have this year so hopefully I'll get some time to do that.

Oh, and for more info on the festival here's the website:


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