20 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

(almost) I've been thinking about Halloween for the last few months. Not only because, as a costumer, it's my favourite Holiday; but because I've have quite a few costume orders. This one I just finished today and I'm so excited about it!

If you don't recognize it, it's Selene from Underworld. I've been making the corset for a few years but this is the first COMPLETE costume I've gotten to make for someone ^^ Includes corset, cuffs, catsuit and holster.

12 October 2009

Half the feathers, all the epic

Between finishing up Halloween orders and re-stocking for the Medieval Fair, I took some time to list a few new items in my shop, including the barrette pictured above ^^

It's inspired by The Valkyries of Norse Mythology, mythical goddesses who took the spirits of slain warriors to Valhalla. I originally made a couple headdress, meaning the feathers were on both sides, but I could only find one set of these crazy feathers in those colours, so a barrette was formed :)

02 October 2009

I (sort of) have a job!!

I was casually checking my email while home in Michigan last week and I got my acceptance letter for the Sarasota Medieval Fair!! I get to have a booth to sell all this stuff I'm making ^^ Here's the official site for more info:


Speaking of which, I haven't had much time to list anything new at my Etsy shop, but I renewed some of the past listings, links to those are to the right :) Enjoy!

Now back to commissions and stocking up for the fair ^^