23 November 2009

Medieval Fair? Been there, done that :)

I just finished the second and final weekend of the Sarasota Medieval fair!! I had such a great time and met some EPIC people :) As far as money goes, well, I made back the cash I invested and a little profit; and I am stoked. I had so much fun meeting people, talking about the festival, gaming, leatherwork...not to mention camping overnight in the booth was a blast :) I'm not being sarcastic either, that was a lot of fun!

So now it's back to normal life. Sort of like after a convention, it's hard to adjust to the everyday routine again. I'm hoping my next festival will be the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa, Florida. We'll see ^^

12 November 2009

The Medieval Fair is finally here!

I've been working non-stop preparing for the festival I'm working at this weekend, the Sarasota Medieval Fair


Since it's my first time vending I had endless things to do, including building a tent and making a few thousand dollars worth of stock. I still need to fix up some last minute displays, but I'm pretty much ready. I hope I sell tons of stuff to compensate for all the time, energy, money and sanity I lost preparing for this thing O-o Wish me luck! And if you're in the Florida come to the festival and visit! :)