29 March 2010

Leather Leather Everywhere

Well, with the Tampa Festival over, I'm now looking forward to a bikefest coming up for which I sent my application today :) let's hope I'm accepted!

That said, my workroom is literally overflowing with leather to start building stock again. I managed to get 2 full sides of this really nice cowhide for less than half of what they would cost normally, especially for how HUGE they are. Woo!

My Etsy shop is kind of sparse for now since I sold most of what was listed there at the festival, but I should have some new things made and listed within a couple weeks :) hopefully...

ps. I need a picture update...these word only things are boring...

23 March 2010

Stuff is Happening

With only one more weekend left of the festival I'm feeling rather bittersweet. I didn't know I could have this much fun at my job and I really don't want it to end...on the other hand it'll be nice to get to sleep in again and take a break from renaissance shenanigans.

If only for a couple weeks haha

I may be working one weekend of a festival in Georgia AND I'm heading back home to Michigan in August for the 7 week festival up there, where I'll be working for an awesome company called Pyramid Leather helping make armour and run their booth.

Oh yeah...and I'm getting married in June :)

02 March 2010

I need Cosplay

It just occurred to me that the last costume I finished and wore was my Fallout 3 Raider at DragonCon '09...that was 7 months ago...I can't believe I've actually gotten too busy to cosplay, I thought that would never happen haha I think it's really starting to get to me too...cosplaying characters that already exist somehow helps me be creative in other aspects of my life...maybe that's why I'm having trouble with all this wedding stuff...

That being said, I'm having tons of fun working at the festival. Last Sunday was my best day yet, if only because my fiance visited with a bunch friends and my dad sent the King to say hello to me :) 3 weekends down, 4 to go and hopefully I can finish everything I have on my plate before time runs out...