24 January 2010

Valkyrie Madness

I'm gearing up for what will *hopefully* be my second renaissance festival as a vendor. My pictures are still being judged, so I'm patiently waiting for the verdict. Let's hope it's a good one!

In the meantime I've been stocking my Etsy shop, finishing up my last commissions, making princess dresses and working on wedding stuff...oh right, I'm getting married in June.

Anyway, pictured above are a couple of my newest headdresses for sale in my Etsy shop. I've been totally addicted to leather tooling and have been going crazy making those circles, which someone thought were coasters at first haha


  1. Omg, I love it. I realllly need to stock my Etsy shop too, I'm lazy and bad. But then I see things like this and then suddenly just want to part with my money....funny how that works. ;D

  2. Thank you ^^ I know what you mean, I've been totally lazy when it comes to Etsy (and the internet in general... I mean my last blog post was November of last year) it's my lack of money that made my finally list things though haha