31 March 2011

Festival, Job, Cosplay, what else?

More of the same, really. EXCEPT FOR THIS
Massive ears are massive, but hey it's only a test shot. If you're a fan of Dragon Age 2 you may recognize that this vaguely resembles Merrill. She is my new cosplay endeavor and I wish I had more time to work on her.

So far I have most of the patterns drafted, the wig is styled and I just need to not be so busy so I can actually get some work done on the costume.

And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my Leliana. She's still in-the-works, I'll have her finished soon enough.

In other news, the festival is going well, I have 3 weekends to go AND I just started my fancy new part time job at Tandy Leather Factory. Overwhelmed FTW

I need to get off the computer now, eat something and go to my Kung Fu class. Hopefully I'll have enough energy when I get home to finish restocking for this weekend. We'll see.

Until next time readers, remember this: "Thinking takes too long" -- It's one of the best quotes my Kung Fu teacher said to me about fighting (and life in general I suppose)


  1. Looks really really good! The Dalish tats look very great. The ears sorta remind me of Lodoss Wars elf ears. Not a bad thing though. Will be great to see the whole costume when you finish.

  2. Thank you! The ears were just a stand-in for the photo, I have since ordered smaller ones that look so much more realistic (if elf ears CAN look realistic that is)